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It will get crushed! Never before have your sack been in such lovely danger.

Extreme ball squeezing

Your sack is in big trouble, and the domme will take care of it. Imagine your hapless package pulled, slapped and squeezed by a mean, humiliation-crazed mistress who knows you enjoy her rough nyloned touch just too much.

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The ballbusting bitch

Fantasize about being in the position of this poor male plaything who got his soft vulnerable sack kicked by two superior-looking mistresses. Slapped around, masked, and thoroughly kicked in the balls, he loves every painful second.

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No matter how hard you are trying to please them, your balls are doomed! DomBallBusting features willing male ballbustees who are never good enough to avoid raw, rough kicking and slapping. Join them for the ultimate thrill!

Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel.

Bad boy punished

You know you’ve done wrong, and now it’s punishment time. Grabbing you by the hair for better control, the super sultry mistress delivers a shattering kick right in your groin. It only gets worse as she sinks her fist in your package.

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Work harder, bitch! No way your groin will stop being sore soon!

Working for two

How about getting a double load? Watch the poor thing try to please two royal dommes at once, fail, and get his share of pain for that. They subdue him with a tasty mix of facesitting and highly professional CBT leaving him sore for days.

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Tied and trampled

With a rough rope connecting his balls to his neck, the slave is putty in her hands. Watch as he offers more and more of his precious sack and the mistress takes control. Hard kicking is followed by mean squeezing and trampling against cold tiles.

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